Jomay is a Climate Reality Leader in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

She is also one of Manitoba Filipino Journal‘s newest columnists. She writes about sustainable simplicity, human rights and climate justice.

She is a proud University of the Philippines (Baguio) alumna. She gives back by dedicating her time in spreading awareness and advocating for human rights and climate justice.

Hi! I am Jomay.

Previously a broke, miserable owner of a 1,700 sq. ft. 4-level split, 4-bedroom house.

I am now a minimalist and environmentalist, happily looking for ways to live intentionally and sustainably.

My husband Steve and I now live in a 600 sq. m. downtown apartment – a nice walking distance to pretty much everything that we love.

I spend most of my time with my husband. I love bugging him and watching him rave about his newest favorite craft beers.

I also enjoy watching his soulful reaction to his favorite music documentaries.

I also love watching AND going to hockey, disc golf and football games with him. He is a minimalist, and that’s why I find him more attractive (wink!).

Or you’ll find me at my home blogging, experimenting with different plant-based dishes, talking with my plant babies, video-chatting with my family and cute nieces back home in the Philippines, or doing some really nerdy stuff, such as reading books and doing research.

Once this pandemic is over, I would like to go out more to spend time with my friends, hang out with cool climate activists in my area, and organize some fun outdoor community activities.

Oh, and I will hug more!

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